Friday, April 7, 2017

Made it to Wyoming!

Here is the short version:
We are doing great here at Martin's Cove. There is so much to learn and do to get ready for this summer. They were right about (you will cry every day), I am trying to get hardened up, but it is not working so far. I was working in the visitor’s center last Sunday when a family that weren’t members came in. When we came to the room with the picture of Joseph Smith and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to him, the father said “what is this picture about?” I was able to tell him some of the Joseph Smith story and then he said why are there two people appearing to him. I then taught him about the Godhead. We finished going through the Visitor's Center and I invited him to take a Book of Mormon but he declined. I was so sad the rest of the day. It really broke my heart. I have been studying hard so I can do better in teaching others.
Monday I got to work in the Mechanics shop fixing the brakes on a trailer and working on chain saws and weed whackers. It was great!
I love you all
Elder Sigmon

If you want the longer version then read on:
Well we made it here safely to our new residence for 6 months at what is called Ranch 66 (Missionary Village). We had fresh flowers on our table and a box dinner in the fridge. It was a BBQ shredded pork which we ate on hamburger buns. We also had chips, fruit cups and a homemade chocolate chip cookie for each of us.

As we drove in we met a couple driving back to the Homestead (where the office and visitor’s center is) who offered to turn around and help us unload. Karl thanked them and told them we have been sitting all day--we can get it. As we pulled into our driveway a couple we had already met at the MTC offered to help unload, Karl told them the same thing and then we started to visit for minute before we knew what was happening there were about 8-10 people emptying out the truck and hauling it into our new abode for us to unpack and decide where it all should go.
The mission President and his wife came out to greet us and bring us some bandanas and slides which we could wear if we want with our trail dress. They are very nice and we really like them. I will give you a brief tour of our house. There are some waves in the floor, very interesting colors in carpeting, and sunflower wall paper in the kitchen along with many more interesting little features!  It is an early 70’s trailer. I don’t need to say any more.

Karl tells me “Did you notice the hole in the shower curtain?” I was so overwhelmed with everything apparently I had neglected to notice. So when I went to check this is what I see. There is no shower curtain liner. Hmmm that could be a problem. So showering was tricky the first morning trying to keep as much water as possible inside the tub lol. And then as you can see you almost need to be a contortionist to reach the toilet paper. We have fixed both problems. They gave us a shower liner that day so we didn’t have to go buy one. And the toilet paper now sits on the tub edge except while we shower and then it is on the toilet tank until we are done.  Easy peasy!

Our first day was P-day so we went into town and picked up various items we needed as far as groceries, etc.  We have to wear our trail dress while we are in town also. Here is Karl looking good and yes we drove through McDonald’s in Casper. We even found a Sam’s Club, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Walmart, Target, etc. Did I mention we stopped to buy a Papa Murphey’s pizza to take home and cook for dinner that evening?

Sunday we were assigned to work in the Visitor’s Center for our very first time 9-1:30. When we got there a couple different people were visiting so Karl was able to shadow Elder Schow and I went with Sister Schow and her group.  Karl and I were listening and watching what they were doing. The next thing I know Elder Schow is gone. I am with Sister Schow as she is close to being done and the bell dings indicating someone might be coming. Karl looks out and sees someone so he asks me to go help him. I am trying to figure out where is Elder Schow and so I go to get my coat to go. Then I see another couple walking down the sidewalk. So I decide to say hello to them and they reply back with a hello but they keep walking. Meantime Karl is visiting with another family.  Then I realize my couple I said hi to are walking into the Visitor’s Center but I know Sister Schow is busy so I’m up!  Oh my! So I head to the door and greet them again and I decided I am going to up front and honest--I have nothing to lose here. So I tell them this is my first day. I will do the best I can if they are willing to be patient with me. They were very kind and so off we go. Luckily I could remember a lot of what Sister Schow had said. They were not members of the church and so when I came to the display of Joseph Smith I said “This is Joseph Smith and how our church came to be. Would you like to hear the story or skip it and move on?” I wanted to be respectful and they were nice and said “No go ahead and tell us.” It made my day! Now for my unknowingness. There is a map which shows different points on the trail that you can light up. I came to Bessemer Bend and I light it up and say “This is Bessemer Bend and then I sit there for a minute and then I say, I can’t remember what happened there. Sorry” and moved on to the next one. They were very patient. All in all it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be and I was pretty calm.

Karl has gotten to work in the Mechanics shop and was in heaven. He also did get to help on one of my assignments. I have had various work crew duties.  Setting up the trek center and getting it ready for summer. I had to take a picture of all the dead flies in the window sill I found when I raised the blinds to clean the window. I have never seen so many in my life and probably never will again!
L-R: Sister Gillespie, Me, Karl, Sister Waldmann and Sister Hough
I also can drive the rover around. As I was trained in the first 5 minutes of my first work crew day by Sister Roundy.

I have found one place in the world where the weather changes faster than New Mexico. We always would say if you didn’t like the weather wait 15 minutes it will change. Well here in Wyoming you only have to wait 5 minutes. It can go from sunny, to snowing, to raining all along with windy.
Hope you are all well and doing good.

We love you!

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